Sandbach School Sixth Form is a dynamic and vibrant place where you will be given the freedom and opportunities to develop as an individual as you make the important steps towards Higher Education, apprenticeship or employment. The Sixth Form has a tradition of balancing academic excellence with the best extra-curricular opportunities to help you to make the most of your time here. You will be supported and guided along the way by dedicated and experienced staff who are there to provide you with the best possible experience.

Academic Excellence

An integral aspect of our Sixth form is academic success. Academic success is important to us because it is strongly linked to positive outcomes; 6th Form students who are academically successful are more likely to gain a place with one of the more prestigious universities or on a Degree Level Apprenticeship. Such a placement can lead to better employment opportunities in the future. Our academic focus encourages our Sixth Form students to take a far greater level of individual responsibility for their education. The development of essential independent learning skills is supported by our bespoke pastoral programme which is based entirely upon developing a 6th Form student’s A level Mindset. Such skills, once established, will not only aid successful A level attainment, but will also develop independent abilities which are crucial for achievement and success at university, within apprenticeships and beyond.

Student leadership opportunities

Central to our philosophy of developing outstanding young people is providing them with the opportunities to develop their leadership potential. You will be given the choice of a number of activities through which you can do this in order to maximise your potential. This leadership program enhances your chances of success in university and employer applications by enabling you to demonstrate successful behaviours. Below is a list of just some of the opportunities you could find yourself involved in:

  • Head Boy and Girl Team
  • Prefect
  • Learning Mentor
  • Student Curriculum Leader
  • Senior House Captain / House Ambassador
  • Sports Captain
  • Lower school Functional Skills Tutor
  • Lower school Sports Mentor / Coach
  • Club/society leader
  • Student Ambassador
  • Student Senator / Representative

Leading the school forward

Each year around eleven students are successful in being appointed to the Head Boy and Girl Team, the apex of which involves being Head Boy/Girl or Deputy. Positions on the Head Boy and Girl Team are highly sought after and represent a fantastic opportunity to take a lead role in the running of the school and the sixth form. The positive implications for this in terms of skills development and career preparation are far-reaching hugely satisfying for those students who are successful in this programme. In addition to this, senior students form a significant part of the school’s Senate, designed to put student leadership at the heart the school’s development.

Other activities & experiences

Employers and universities place a high value on your extra-curricular experiences, and at Sandbach School Sixth Form we are passionate about offering you a range of opportunities that compare well with the very best schools nationally. In recent years students in our sixth form have been on trips to places such as New Zealand, Borneo and Barcelona. They have also played in major sporting finals at a regional and national level, put on nationally acclaimed theatre productions and won major awards for music. These opportunities are just some of those available to students in our sixth form.

Support for your future

At Sandbach School Sixth Form, we believe that the support you receive is vital to your progression to the next stage of your life. This personalised support is a consistent feature which underpins our entire ethos. You will be guided through the difficult parts of your studies by skilled academic tutors who understand your needs. When it comes to university applications, we have an outstanding application guidance process allowing you to make the right decisions and get the right place for you. You will be encouraged to develop independent study and learning skills that will enable you to make informed decisions about your academic journey. Our UCAS tutors have detailed understanding of the system, enabling them to guide you through this challenging time.