At Sandbach School we are driven by our knowledge that all A level students have the capacity to excel and secure places at leading universities or in Degree level Apprenticeships. The reality of such achievement demands hard work, commitment and sacrifice. In order to support you you’re your academic studies, we use a system called “A level Mindset” devised by Steven Oakes and Martin Griffin. Their research and resultant tasks have been developed to enhance behaviours, habits and attitudes to study. These are the strongest determinants for student A level success. These habits form the fundamental basis of the VESPA system and approach (Vision, Effort, Systems, Practice and Attitude). It is a way to get you, the student, to change your way of thinking, behaving and working.

Oakes and Griffin suggest the following qualities are all apparent in successful A students:

  • VISION – students know what they want to achieve
  • EFFORT – students out in many hours of independent study
  • SYSTEMS – they organise their learning resources and time
  • PRACTICE – they practise and develop their skills
  • ATTITUDE – they respond constructively to set backs

The VESPA activities you will engage with are designed to:
1. Raise awareness about the impact a quality / characteristic can have on potential success
2. Encourage some personal reflection on the presence or absence of that quality in you and what you can do to change and adjust
3. Allow you to engage with tasks that develop your practice

Sixth Form Study Facilities

The Sixth Form Study Room

The sixth form study room is a quiet study area dedicated entirely to 6th Form during lesson time. There is wifi, plenty of desk space and a calm atmosphere which helps to promote good independent study habits.

All Y12 students are allocated four hours of timetabled study support in the LRC each fortnight, students are expected to bring sufficient work to complete during this time. A comprehensive study support programme is delivered to all students covering topics such as organisation, note taking, research, wider reading and proof reading.

Students are encouraged to use their non-contact time to work in the study room in order to complete homework, revision or wider reading and research around their subjects.


SCH7 is available all day for students to complete collaborative study. Students can work in small groups to revise or prepare for presentations.

The SFC is fully equipped with large tables for group work and smaller desks for independent study.

Sandbach House

As a sixth form student you will also have access to Sandbach House, a designated sixth form building which is completely separate to the main site.