This course introduces you to psychology well by studying the work of many famous psychologists in a variety of different subject areas. You will have the opportunity to carry out your own research experiments and you will learn many of the key principles that underpin Psychology. Students will learn the fundamentals of the subject and develop skills valued by Higher Education (HE) and employers, including critical analysis, independent thinking and research.

Course Content

Introductory Topics in Psychology

Social Influence




Psychology in Context

Approaches in Psychology


Research Methods

Issues and Options in Psychology

Issues and Debates in Psychology



Forensic Psychology

Lesson Structure

5 hours per week of taught classroom sessions. Sessions will build upon previous lessons as well as reading that will be set before the lesson allowing for seminar style sessions. Students will be expected to keep an up to date folder and also an Independent learning log.

Assessment Pattern

A two year linear course with written exams that will assess your understanding as follows:

Paper One – 2 hours

Introductory Topics in Psychology

Paper Two – 2 hours

Psychology in Context

Paper Three – 2 hours

Issues and Options in Psychology

Extra Information

Due to the scientific nature of the subject, you will conduct experiments and then carefully analyse the data found. 25% of the course assesses your research based skills and 15% assesses your mathematical skills. The course is assessed purely by written exams which are made up of several essays. For this reason a GCSE grade 6 is essential in English, Mathematics and Science.