Course Content

Our politics course is structured into three parts:

  • How people vote and engage in politics, and the ideas of the three main political parties
  • The organisations and structures governing the UK; a study of Anarchism and how that relates to UK politics.
  • The politics of the USA

Year 1

Paper 1

  • Democracy and participation
  • UK Elections and Voting
  • Political parties
  • Voting Behaviour and Media
  • The ideas of the three main political parties: Conservatism; Socialism; Liberalism

Paper 2

  • The Constitution
  • UK Prime Minister and Cabinet
  • Parliament
  • Relations between Institutions
  • Nationalism

Year 2

Paper 3

  • Democracy and Participation
  • The US Constitution
  • The US Presidency
  • US Congress
  • Federalism
  • Comparisons to the UK

Lesson Structure

Lessons will often be student based and geared to supplement and consolidate research tasks. Students will visit Parliament and will be offered a trip to Washington DC. The course also makes use of our thriving links with the local MP and other key local politicians.

Assessment Pattern

Three papers each 2 hour in length (33.3% each of A level)

Extra Information

Politics is a perfect complement to many other subjects. It is extremely stimulating and relevant and you will develop excellent key kills in research and communication. Are you are interested in a career in journalism, the law, government, civil service, industry, army, business, education? In short, this course will be a superb preparation for a wide range of career paths.