Course Content

History is an exciting and insightful discipline and taught at Sandbach School to inspire a student’s curiosity of the past.  We look for student’s to engage with our independent learning ethos.  Studying history will create a depth understanding of the value and significance of events in the past and gain a deeper understanding of social, religious, economic and cultural issues.

Examinations will follow the linear model and there will be a coursework element that will count to 20% of your final A level.  If you would like further clarification or input please speak to a history teacher.

Topics studied:

Year 1

The Early Stuarts, Origins of the Civil War and the execution of Charles I 1603–1660 (50% of AS; 25% of A level)

The American Revolution 1740-1796 (50% of AS; 15% of A level)

Year 2

China and its Rulers 1839-1989 (40%)

Topic Based Essay – The Crusades (20%)

Assessment Pattern

Unit 1 – Source analysis; Essay question

Unit 2 – Comparing factors and making a judgement; essay question

Unit 3 – Historical interpretations question; thematic essay

Unit 4 – Topic based essay – an extended essay of 3000 – 4000 words, arising from independent study and research

Lesson Structure

Formal teaching and teacher led discussion

Individual research

Group research


Individual tutoring, developing students’ own strengths

Lessons will often be student based and geared to supplement and consolidate research tasks. Extensive use is also made of specialist conferences addressed by leading university lecturers.

Extra Information

History combines admirably with almost any other subject, giving academic rigour and credibility to your course, and the opportunity to develop Key Skills, especially communication, working with others and independent research.

A History degree is always in demand from employers, in areas such as the law, journalism and management.  History is classified as a ‘facilitating subject’ by the Russell Group and therefore leaves open a wide range of courses to you for study at university.