Course Content

If you choose Further Maths you will be studying for two A levels in Maths. This could mean that you spend two thirds of your time at school doing Maths. You have to really enjoy the subject. It is highly recommended if you are considering studying a degree in Maths, Physics, Engineering or Economics at one of the best universities.

The A level is made up of both Pure and Applied Maths. These extend the skills from A level maths and introduce decision mathematics (which includes networks, algorithms and sorting).

Lesson Structure

As with A level maths, lessons will be delivered in a variety of ways, however more emphasis will be placed on learning independently and it is likely that the class size will be smaller. Students will have an additional two teachers for their Further Maths course.

Assessment Pattern

The assessment is 100% exam based. Four 1 hour 30 minutes, equally-weighted, externally assessed written exams are taken in June at the end of the course. Two are Pure Mathematics, Further Statistics 1 and Further Decision 1 are the Applied Maths examinations.

Extra Information

Further Maths is a challenging qualification, which both extends and deepens students’ knowledge and understanding beyond the standard A level Mathematics.

Any student planning to take a mathematics-rich degree, (such as Engineering, Sciences, Computing, Finance/Economics, etc., as well as Mathematics itself) will benefit enormously from taking Further Mathematics. You will study more maths that’s relevant to your university course, which will help you to hit the ground running. Some prestigious university degree courses now require a Further Maths qualification, and many university courses prefer students who have studied Further Maths to at least AS level. This has resulted in more and more students studying Further Maths over the last few years.