Why Choose BTEC Extended Diploma in Sport and Exercise Science?

BTEC Nationals Sport and Exercise Science is a vocational type of course. It is linked to the specific area of Sport and Exercise Science industry. The course will provide opportunities to learn various industry specific skills that will allow you to move towards further study at university level or into the Sport and Exercise Science industry. The course is nationally recognised and attracts points on the NQF Framework in the same way as A level qualifications.

Course Content

(Condensed information from the spec. including a breakdown of components/modules – coursework, exams, controlled assessments)

The course runs over 2 years and is the equivalent of 3 A levels. To pass the course students must complete 13 units, 7 of which are mandatory and 4 are externally assessed. Of the external assessments 2 take the form of extended pieces of writing, and the other 2 take the form of traditional exam papers.

Mandatory Units

Unit Title Unit Size How is the unit Assessed?
Sport and Exercise Physiology 120 Externally
Functional Anatomy 90 Externally
Applied Sport and Exercise Psychology 120 Externally
Field and Laboratory Based Fitness Testing 90 Internally
Applied Research Methods in Sport and Exercise Science 90 Internally
Coaching for Performance and Fitness 90 Internally
Nutrition for Sport and Exercise Performance 120 Externally

Optional Units

Unit Title Unit Size How is the unit Assessed?
Sports massage 60 Internally
Specialised Fitness Training 60 Internally
Technology in Sport and Exercise Science 60 Internally
Physical Activity for Individual and Group-based Exercise 60 Internally
Sociocultural Issues in Sport and Exercise Science 60 Internally
Sports Injury and Assessment 60 Internally

Methods of teaching, learning and assessment

Students will be taught by a variety of staff within the PE department for each unit, this will allow the department to use its range of expertise to ensure that pupils receive the best teaching for each unit. Assessment for the internal assessments will generally be completed online and comes in the format of a report or presentation. This requires pupils to develop skills in research to complete the work and also the confidence to be able to report their findings vocally back to their peer group and teaching staff.

Opportunities for learning outside of the classroom

Students will have the opportunity to visit a number of different university sites during the 2-year course. This will enable them to complete units such as “Field and Laboratory Based Fitness Training” in a practical setting but will also allow them to get a taste for what university has to offer them and aspire to return as students after completion of the course.

Student will also have the opportunity to visit and experience coaching at the highest level, this will assist in completing the “Coaching for Performance” unit but will also give them valuable experience to further their coaching skills.

Students will also have the opportunity to perform at a high level across a number of sports including football, hockey and rugby through the school’s extensive extra-curricular programme. They will also be able to officiate and coach within the school’s extra-curricular programme to gain valuable experience for university applications or apprenticeships following completion of the course.

Quotes from current/ex-students

“I really enjoyed the course, it enabled me to take a place at Bath University. I don’t think this route would have been available to me if I had taken A-Levels. The course gave me skills that prepared me for university and allowed me to develop my skills as a footballer to ensure I could play football at a high standard whilst at university” – Jake Monks, former Captain of Football, achieved D*D*D* at Sandbach School

“The course at Sandbach School open all sorts of opportunities for me, I was able to take up a place on a Football Scholarship at Seton Hill University, Minnesota, America. This has been an incredible place for me to play football but also get a degree which I will be able to use in America or if I come back home to the UK” – Liam Kettle, 1st XI footballer, achieved D*D*D at Sandbach School